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Mental Capacity Evaluations

To assist in a variety of legal settings

The question of competency in later years arises in a number of situations, and a mental capacity evaluation can assist legal professionals and courts with their determination and decisions.

I have provided mental capacity evaluations to assist in the establishment of conservatorships as well as in the defense against conservatorships.

These psychological evaluations can greatly assist in the process of amending a trust or executing other estate plans by establishing a verification for mental capacity at the time of the signing.

Retrospective evaluations assist triers of fact in the determination of testamentary capacity, or lack of capacity, as in a will contest.

When the issue of elder abuse, fraud or undue influence is raised, an evaluation that reviews the level of abuse and undue influence can be of assistance in both civil and criminal settings.

Read my Blog post Competency in Later Years to learn more about these and other topics.

I provide expert witness testimony in the above matters in Probate Courts in Southern California counties.

We can help you with

•  Conservatorships

•  Trust Amendments

•  Prophylactic Reports

•  Will Contests

•  Retrospective Evaluations

•  Undue Influence

•  Elder Abuse

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